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Champion AKPR 15721 MHR Trish 1 “Primrose”
DOB 11/22/19, is a white/brown Trish/Tonganui gilt

AKPR 14405 MHR Rona 1 “Star”
DOB 7/4/19, is a brown/white Rona/Mahia Love Gilt

AKPR 12725 MHR Kereopa 2 “Nutmeg”
DOB 4/3/19, is a ginger/black tricolor Kereopa/Tonganui Gilt

AKPR 10737 DDA Wilsons Gina 1 “Morwenna”
DOB 12/31/18, is a white/brown Wilsons Gina/Tutaki Sow

Grand Champion AKPR 7363 USA Tapeka 11+ “Hermosa”
DOB 1/9/18, is a high percentage white/black Tapeka/Tutaki Sow

Champion AKPR 5116 CH LOLA Jenny 1+ “Snoots”
DOB 4/28/16, is a white/black Jenny/Andrew

We are expecting Wilsons Gina/Boris and Kereopa/Boris litters in early March 2021.  All breeding stock are double-wattled and have evenly spaced teats. 

Current prices are as follow:
Prices begin at $800 for an AKPR registered gilt or boar
Meat barrows begin at $300 at weaning and prices increase as the pig nears finishing weight.

Litters are ongoing, so purchases and reservations may be made at any time. Please fill out the 2021 Kunekune Request Form to place your purchase request, availability and pricing. 

Kunekune Pig Reservation Request

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