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Piglets Available

We are now accepting reservations for selected piglets from the following litters: 

These piglets will have excellent conformation, be massive in their type and have a fast growth rate. If anything like their sire and dam, they will have inherited the best dispositions around! Double-wattled with evenly-spaced teats, the piglets have been litter notified and will be registered with IKHR (Formerly called AKPR). 

Current prices are as follow:
Prices begin at $800 for an IKHR (Formerly called AKPR) registered gilt or boar and go up depending on bloodline
Meat barrows begin at $300 at weaning and prices increase at the rate of $5/lb live weight 


Champion AKPR 15721 MHR Trish 1 “Primrose”
DOB 11/22/19, is a white/brown Trish/Tonganui gilt


AKPR 14405 MHR Rona 1 “Star”
DOB 7/4/19, is a brown/white Rona/Mahia Love Sow


AKPR 15734 MHR Tapeka 1 “Blanca” is a high percentage white, white/brown double-wattled Tapeka/Boris gilt. She is registered with AKPR. View her pedigree here: AKPR Pedigree

Dam: AKPR 7363 G CH USA Tapeka 11+
Sire: AKPR 9600 USA Boris 18
DOB: 01/03/20
Teat Count: 7/7


AKPR 10737 DDA Wilsons Gina 1 “Morwenna”
DOB 12/31/18, is a white/brown Wilsons Gina/Tutaki Sow


Available Boars


AKPR 19976 MHR Tonganui 1 “Rooter” is a black/white double-wattled Tonganui/Wilson’s Gina boar. He is registered with AKPR. View his pedigree here: AKPR Pedigree

Dam: AKPR 10737 DDA Wilsons Gina 1
Sire: AKPR 7202 S G CH USA Tonganui 22+
DOB: 05/12/2020
Teat Count: 6/6


AKPR 9022 CH MHR Mahia Love 3+ “Calvin” is a black/white double-wattled Mahia Love/Jenny boar. He is dual registered with AKPR and AKKPS. View his pedigree here: AKPR Pedigree

Dam: AKPR 5116 CH LOLA Jenny 1+
Sire: AKPR 5990 RKKR Mahia Love 2+
DOB: 07/07/2018
Teat Count: 7/7


AKPR 9600 USA Boris 18 “Guapo” is a ginger/black/tri-colored Boris boar. He is registered with IKHR (Formerly AKPR). View his pedigree here: IKHR Pedigree

Dam: AKBA 0428 USA Jenny 61+ Gracie
Sire: AKBA 0874 USA Boris 4++ Boudin Noir
DOB: 08/25/2018
Teat Count: 7/7


We currently have 3 barrows available for sale as meat pigs, ranging in weight from 90 - 170 lbs. These pastured pigs are being sold “on the hoof” and are priced at $5/lb live weight. Harvest may be arranged through Buds Custom Meats in Penngrove. Please contact us to arrange a harvest and complete a meat pig sales agreement.

Kunekune Pig Reservation Request

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