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Current Boars

Supreme Grand Champion AKPR 7202 Supreme CH USA Tonganui 22+ “Chino” is a white/brown Tonganui/Rona boar. He is registered with IKHR. View his pedigree here: IKHR Pedigree

Dam: AKBA 1423 USA Rona 3
Sire: AKPR 4640 BAIN Tonganui 2
DOB: 9/10/17
Teats L/R: 6/6

AKPR 16769 MHR Mahia Love 6 “Eugene” is a ginger/black double-wattled Mahia Love/Jenny boar. He is registered with IKHR. View his pedigree here: IKHR Pedigree

Dam: AKPR 5116 CH LOLA Jenny 1+
Sire: AKPR 4611 USA Mahia Love 124+
DOB: 3/16/2020
Teats L/R: 7/7